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About Us

At Rachel Regent, we believe that true beauty goes beyond the aesthetics of jewelry; it lies in the choices we make and the impact we have on our planet. Our ethos is built on four pillars: sustainability, transparency, made-to-order designs, and recycling materials.

We are committed to creating jewelry that reflects the beauty of nature without harming it. We carefully source our materials from ethical suppliers who share our values. By embracing sustainable practices, we reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that future generations can enjoy the wonders of our planet.

We believe in transparency because it builds trust. We invite you to explore every step of our jewelry-making process, providing you with detailed information about the origin and journey of each piece. We are dedicated to fostering an open and honest relationship with our customers, as we believe this is vital in creating a sustainable future.

We take pride in handcrafting each piece specifically for you. With our made-to-order designs, we not only ensure that you receive a one-of-a-kind piece, but we also reduce waste by creating only what is needed. Your jewelry is a personal expression, and we want to make sure it's as special as you are.